Ben's main page got full of graphics, mostly  from other grieving mothers so this page is for all their kindness.  They have been my biggest support. 
This poem was written by Kaye Des'Ormeaux and left in Ben's guestbook.  I didn't know her and it left a chill with me.  In the guestbook one of my questions is Did you know Ben and her answer was "no, but I will."  It made me realize I would see Ben again soon. 

On 4/5/02, Lori surprised me with this, Kaye's poem on a plaque.  She also made awards you can see here

please visit Kaye
and Lori
These beautiful graphics were made by Cathy.
Please visit her son, Kenny at

A gift from Terri at Terri's Treasures
She was sent by Papaw Joe at Some Call it Heaven to wish Ben a happy birthday, along with several others.  Terri has a nice selection of memorial websets, be sure and check them out
She also made the heavenly train graphic on Ben's page and the resource pages at Papaw Joe's request
Graphic intense, please be patient

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guest book
Lori - Christmas 2002
A bookmark, sent by my niece on the second anniversary of Ben's death along with an angel star worry stone. with and enclosure that read: 

Give your worries to the angels
It is time to heal your heart

Every day's a new beginning
Where love & hope can start

Give your worries to the angels
Release your doubt and fear

Trust in God to always be there
With angels always near