Don't cry any more tears for me.
I am at peace. I'm finally free.
Like the eagle in the sky,
I am soaring. So, please don't cry.

I know you love me.
I love you, too.
But, my time was over;
was finally through.

I have ascended to a better place,
which is not confined
by time or space.

To those that loved me,
I did not fall.
I only succumbed to a higher call.

Do not mourn me.
I am with you still.
I'll be with you always,
from dawn....until.

Copyright© 2000 Kathi Toups
please visit her new site "Reflective Collections of the Heart"

Don't Cry
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Don't Go
Copyright © 2001 Yuko Ohigashi
(April 2001 - Age: 13)

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