A Message From Heaven

I am not so far from you,
Just a little way beyond;
Past the cares and past the pain,
Far past my earthly bonds.
When you feel you miss me most,
As years go drifting by;
Each memory will prove to you,
That our love will never die.

In Loving Memory of Stormie
For memories are but a touch,
From the Father's gentle hand;
To heal your pain and mend your hearts,
To help you understand...
That while I left you far too soon,
I did not leave alone;
For the Father sent His angels,
To gently take me home.

Take comfort when you think of me,
Keep my love alive in your heart;
And with the warmth of each memory,
We will never be apart.

Allison Chambers Coxsey
Used with Permission
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Yes, there is a next

Stormie, born May  7, 1977 was involved in an auto vs. truck accident that took her life on this earth  March 11, 2001. 

I didn't have the privilage of meeting Stormie but have gotten to know her through her mother, Sherry.  That's why this memorial is here,  the first anniversary of her leaving her mom, March 11.

Sherry has been much support for me since we started corresponding a couple of months after Stormie's death.  That, thanks to Ruby, who knew each needed something.  Now you see, I tried to push this part of this memorial onto Ruby but I guess she wasn't going for that! 

One year and so many feelings and emotions.  Just seems like yesterday because the pain is still so strong.  Seems forever ago because you haven't hugged your child, heard their voice, smelled their hair.  What do you do on this day?  Celebrate because in your Christian belief, your child is finally safe at home or do you mourn just like the moment you found out you would never hold your baby again in this life? 

For you Sherry, know you have alot of support, many are with you.  Allison, the one who wrote the above poem,  has offered to send the poem of our choice.   The gifts on these pages were made and sent by grieving mothers who feel your pain.  Messages in the guestbook....

Stormie is working through many, for you. 

This beautiful gift was made on Stormie's birthday for her mom, Sherry by Cathy, a grieving mother herself. 
Rainbows After the Storm