When A Smile Comes from Heaven

The smiles you wear in this picture is priceless.
But, I'm sure this is no surprise.
And the love that is shared
with you & your son ...
Shines bright in both of your eyes.

I hear you say to your precious son ...
Oh how I miss you so!
Words from a Mom's broken heart.
Too much pain for anyone to know!

But too many Moms have come to feel
the ache of a broken heart.
Oh, no one can imagine the misery
when your life is torn apart!

For a Mom brings a child into this world;
Only another Mom truly understands ...
To cherish that child that lay in her arms.
Later to walk together hand in hand.

But when that same child is taken from her;
Only another Mother knows her pain.
And the path that she walks daily thereafter ...
To another Mom ... She need not explain.

When the nighttime finds you crying again,
understand that it's okay to cry.
The tears you shed have been shed by many!
And one day you'll understand why.

But for today, hold on to every memory.
Oh cherish each moment of love.
The son you miss and long to hold each day ...
Watches over you from Heaven above!

So when you feel you are alone in your grief;
And your smiles are few & far between.
Take the hand of a friend who has been there.
And has seen what you have seen.

Oh Yes, I see the picture of you & your son.
Wearing a smile with such loving bliss.
If he could present you with any gift today ...
He'd send you a smile & seal it with a kiss!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001 Kaye Des'Ormeaux

Eternal Flame
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