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A Broken Heart Speaks

As each day passes by,
I feel more & more depressed.
I want to hold on to you;
Your face I long to caress.

I didn't have you with me
as long as I should have had.
And, when I see other mothers
I often feel envy and sad.

I guess this makes no sense to anyone
unless you've walked this trail.
Oh but when you've lost a child,
You wonder where did you fail!

And yet you know it wasn't your fault.
It's just the loneliness talking.
And the endless pain in your heart won't heal;
It's like something there forever stalking!

Then, there are those days others celebrate.
Days they call family holidays.
Oh, I wish I could explain that grief ...
Oh it is so much more than a phase.

Some people think I should somehow
go one without any more tears.
Oh little do they know how painful it is.
Little do they know of my daily fears.

The only thing that helps me survive
is the love I get from others.
For I know that I do not walk alone.
God gave me a band of bereaving mothers.

Oh Yes, they walk the same trail I walk.
They feel the same pain I feel.
And when I need to lean upon a shoulder,
they have shoulders made of steel.

Still, tonight I sit up missing you.
I'm crying with empty arms.
Oh as you look at me down here,
please embrace me with your charms.

For your Mom still loves you so.
And will forevermore.
Although I get so lonely here,
Watch for me to enter Heaven's door.

Copyright 2002 Kaye Des'Ormeaux

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Stairway To Heaven
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