Please, Dear Friend..

Don't say to me the old cliches..
Time heals all wounds,
God only gives as much as we can bear,
Life is for the living..

Just say the thoughts that are in your heart..
I am sorry, I love you, I'm here, I care,
Hug me and squeeze my hand
I need your strength.

Please, Don't drop your eyes when I am near,
I feel so rejected now by God and man,
Just look in my eyes and let me know
that you are with me.

Don't think you must always be strong for me,
It is okay to cry,
It tells me how much you care.
Let me cry, too.
It's lonely to always cry alone.

Please keep coming by even after
many months have passed,
When the numbness wears off,
the pain of grief is unbearable.

Don't ever expect me to be quite the same,
How can it be,
when a part of my being is no more.

But, please know, Dear Friend,
with you're love, support and understanding,
I will live and love again..
And be grateful everyday...
That I have you, Dear Friend!

Author Unknown

Without You - Nillson
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