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Alot of recipes will be company type foods because we had good sized family get-togethers but sometimes we would have movie nights so I made finger foods . Along with some of those you'll find here, cut up fresh celery, carrots, brocolli, cauliflower with dip or cream cheese.; slice jack and cheddar with crackers.  

Some of the kids' favorites were so simple like cocktail weiners.  I would buy the small or cut the regular in bite size pieces and simmer them in a mixture of tomato sauce brown sugar, vinegar with onion and garlic.  They loved them, especially Tiff.  Also, take a can of pork-n-beans with the same basic ingredients and simmer for a couple of hours and you have great tasting baked beans and kids love them.  (Ben was a kid until age 25, he lived at home.  When he didn't I delivered food to him).

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  Ben also loved pasta!!
Ben loved to cook. It was a way for him
to relax!! Had very many candle lite
dinners with Ben and they were a bowl of
pasta and some kind of bread. He loved
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         by Sandy??

Some of Ben's Favorites

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