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We all want our child acknowledged and remembered, please visit:

This page is dedicated as a memorial to Deb's daughter Amanda, who went to be with the Lord December 1, 2000 as the result of an automobile accident. 

A Memorial  and Tribute  to  Kenny
Please visit Cathy's Kenny

In memory of Donna's daughter. 

Forever Josh
"My Josh was just 15 years old when he went to Heaven.  So beautiful and so full of life....his dates are 9-18-84 - 4-8-00.  He is my first born.....and I had him young.....just 18 so we grew up together.....what a joy.....my friend....my son.....I have his remains home with me.....I needed
that.....and that has helped me to no he is back in his room....Josh was killed in an auto accident.....only .07 of a mile from my home....he is missed by his 2 brothers....and so many people in our community.....Mr. Popular he was...."
Mom to Josh FOREVER
(I thought this was so touching, everyone should witness the feelings of a mother who's lost her child)

learn about Mary who was killed in a tragic accident while on a school field trip

In Loving Memory
tribute to Andy by his grandparents

In Loving Memory of Cassandra Jean Vance
a little girl who left too soon

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera
Portfolio Drawings by Lee Aguilera
a very talented young man

In Memory of Cedric Lamont Crutcher
a teen's life sadly taken by another

Christopher Ronald Faller
forever in his mother's heart

John and Joeann's Angels
3 children taken in different stages of their life.  Joeann left heartfelt condolences in Ben's guestbook, not even mentioning
that she had lost 3 children.

Our Little Piece Of Heaven
Memorial website for  Dixie Alexandra, who was stillborn due to placental abruption. Find grief support, links and more

Stormie & mom
a beautiful girl who left  March 2001
her mother & I share via email on bad days

Taylor Brook Meigges

Tommy "Danger"
A young man lost to cancer

Waleed J. Iskandar
please visit 
a memorial by a father to a son who was a victim of 9/11

Welcome to AmberLuv
dedicated to the memory of angel Amber Linn
Amber's grandma Carolyn has become an inspiration to me

for other memorial sites and resources visit the list of memorial web rings I belong to and also on the memorial pages

Please visit these sites and support the effort to keep the former WTC site a 'memorial site':

9-11 tribute
page created 10/05/01
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Please visit Lady Anna Graphics memorial site.  She spends a lot of time honoring other's loved ones by placing memorials with pictures.including one for Ben.

Lori also has a memorial for Ben.and another memorial quilt

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angel by sarah mclachlan
Angels on Track

Active People Against Railroad Tragedies

Citizens Against Railroad Tragedies
"A Voice For Those The Trains Have Silenced"

Coalition for Safer Crossings

Hands Across the Rails
lights & gates for 50 states

visit the above sites to see why they're listed on this page
other rail safety sites on the links page

24K Custom Gold Graphics & Design
Vicki's Birthday Bears
turn the music off
The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning
while the heart of the fool is in the house of entertainment
The Gift of Grief

Death takes away. That's all there is to it.
But grief gives back.By experiencing it, we are not simply eroded by pain.Rather, we become more compassionate, more aware,more able to help others, more able to help ourselves.

Grief is powerful. It plunges us into the depths of sorrow and forces us to face the finiteness of life, the mightiness of death, and the meaning of our existence here on this earth.

It does more than enable us to change: it demands it.  The way we change is up to us. It is possible to be forever bowed by grief.  It is possible to be so afraid of one aspect of it that we become frozen in place, stuck in sorrow, riveted in resentment or remorse, unable to move on.

But it is also possible to be enlarged, to find new direction,
and to allow the memory of the beloved person who has died to live on within us... not as a monument to misery,
but as a source of strength, love and inspiration.

By acting on our grief, we can eventually find within ourselves a place of peace and purposefulness.  It is my belief that all grievers, no matter how intense their pain, no matter how rough the terrain across which they must travel, can eventually find that place within their hearts.

Author unknown
from Theresa, Still Grieving 3
A Solitary Journey

Grief is a solitary journey. No one but you knows how great the hurt is. No one but you can know the gaping hole left in your life when someone you know has died. And no one but you can mourn the silence that was once filled with laughter and song. It is the nature of love and of death to touch every person in a totally unique way.

Comfort comes from knowing that people have made the same journey. And solace comes from understanding how others have learned to sing again.

~Helen Steiner Rice

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And by his stripes we are healed. (Isaiah)

This is Lori's Brice.  Isn't he a cutey!  You can learn all about him and Lori's dad at Our Little Angel Brice Thomas Conrad and In Loving Memory of Wayne Maffett Sr.  The beautiful graphic was made by Robbie's mom.  Please visit them at Robbie Smith Memorial.  She also made great gifts for Brice's birthday.
This is Mr. William, another child close to my heart.  Click here for another photo given to me by Papaw Joe.  The family has been alot of support to me. Get to know Mr. William at Some Call It Heaven and other sites made in his memory Papaw's Mr. William & his quilt

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Have you ever been to Poverty USA?
Women Against Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence and Music Therapy
Examines the power of using popular music, something people already listen to, as a way for people to express their feelings.  Includes examples of therapeutic messages in popular music as well as original music by Freudian Slip, therapeutic rock band
In memory of...forum
Angel gifts
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Angel Stitches: Mending a Grieving Heart for the Rest of your Life

"I started writing when Cassy died. I needed a safe place to write what I was feeling. Then I wanted to write to keep Cassy's memory alive. Every grieving mother's worst fear is, that her child will be forgotten. Before long, I was writing for yet another reason. People were writing to me and telling me that my writings to email lists were helping them with their own grief. Or to learn about what to do for someone is grieving. Each letter I received, telling me how much I had helped someone, let me know that Cassy would not be forgotten. Her legacy of helping people, would never end. My daughter, my Cassy, will live on and help others through my words.

I have had people tell me I should make a profit off my book. That is something I absolutely REFUSE to do. To make a profit of a single cent, would be like making a profit from my child's death. That is unthinkable to me. I charge $25.00 for my book. That price includes priority mail shipping. It costs me just under $20 to print my book on my computer. For some reason, the post office weighs each book differently. They say it has to do with the grade of paper, from ream to ream. Some cost just over $5 to ship and some just under $5 to ship. If your book is less than $5 for postage, the extra will go into a special Christmas fund. Each year, Cassy chose six names from the Giving Tree at Wal-Mart. She would buy gifts for each of the six children for Christmas. The money from the special Christmas fund will go towards the same thing. I will pick six children's names and buy gifts in memory of Cassy. I know it is something she would have done herself. She loved doing this and I will always do this in her memory.

The book is standard printer paper size. It contains 170 pages, including pictures of Cassy. I take care that every book is perfect. They are bound for me by Office Max in a plastic spiral binding with hard back cover and a plastic protective front cover.

If you have any questions, comments or want to place an order, please email me at angelstitches@hotmail.com.

written by Connie Small