In loving memory of Zachary
Zachary Carl Gifford
In loving memory of the babies
In loving memory of Angel Andrew
Angel Andrew
Andrew's Siblings
In loving memory of Ben
by Tiff
Page created 8/10/01
by Sandy
In loving memory
in loving memory
In loving memory of Ben
by Tiff - 8/28
by Doug - 8/28
in loving memory of Marv
Marv Lawrence Sr
Happy Birthday from sis - 9/03
in loving memory of victims of 9-11
In memory of all the innocent victims
killed in the cold terrorist attack  & in memory of the 200 plus fire and rescue workers who lost their lives trying to save lives as a result of the unGodly attack on America 9/11/01
For all the departed souls, prayers for their families - Tiffany 9/09/01
In memory of the victims and praise for the rescue workers
by Renee Lawrence  - 9/16/01
in memory of the travelers
In memory of the travelers
by Paulette Calloway - 9/16/01
Let the healing waters flow

Prayers for all lost 9/11/01 & Ben
by Sandy - 9/28/01
In loving memory of Trixie
in loving memory of Mistie
Trixie who passed 10/18/01
by Renee Lawrence 10/21/01
Mistie who passed 9/30/91, daughter of Trixie by Renee Lawrence 10/21/01
please pray for those named here, their families and those who are remembering them
if they are linked, visit and let their families know you're thinking of them
In loving memory of Steve
Steve Wright
In loving memory of John
In lioving memory of Sherri
In loving memory of Kyle
In loving memory of Stormie
who was taken as a result of an auto accident 3/11/01
In loving memory of lily
by mom - gone 8 months today, I miss you very very much
Tiff's dog and our last family pet dying of blood loss due to cancer on 11/5/01
In loving memory of Zachary
Zachary Chase Oakes
10-13-95 to 1-3-96

In loving memory of Jacob
Jacob Aaron Oakes
8-23-97 to 10-14-00

In loving memory of Jaidyn
In loving memory of Grandma
Grandma Lorraine L. Lyda-Stockwell
passing November 20, 2001 by Renee
In loving memory of Grandpa
Grandpa Claude Lyda
passing February 11, 1984 by Renee
In loving memory of Mr. William
William Joseph Anderson by Papaw 12/005/01
In loving memory of Billy
2/08/75 - 9/19/00
In loving memory of Stacey's Mom
Victoria A. McDaniel
Stacey's mom 
7/21/48 - 11/20/01
In loving memory of David
In loving memory of Kain
In loving memory of Jill
born into heaven on 04/16/2000
born into heaven on 04/16/2000
born into heaven on 04/16/2000 this is a family of 3 who were tragically killed in a train/auto accident - please pray for Sherry and other family members who are mourning their passing
And He will send out His angels with a trumpet blast,
and they will gather His elect from the four winds,
from one end of the heavens to the other

Matthew 24:31
In loving memory of Arlene (Steph's gram)
(Steph's Gram) - born into heaven 12/15/2000
In loving memory of Jeremiah
born into heaven October 2001

In loving memory of Ronnie
In loving memory of Eric Dodsworth
Eric Dodsworth
by Julie 1/31/02
  born into heaven December 2001
In loving memory of Art Profrock
Art Profrock
  who passed 1/31/02  (ruby)
In loving memory of Wes
Dec 8 1984 ~ June 25 1999
Happy Birthday Daddy!
Happy Birthday Dad!
2/14/30 - 12/17/72
In loving memory of Wesley Joseph
Wesley Joseph
who died August 18, 1997
by Daddy's Little  Girl

In loving memory of Mandy
Amanda N. Trantham by Bobbie 2/27/02
Happy Birthday brother Ben
3/04/50 - 1/07/70
In loving memory of Robbie
Robbie Dicks

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In Memory of Ben
In loving memory of PeePaw
In loving memory of Granny
PeePaw & Granny
Sheena 3/12/02
In loving memory of Deborah
Deborah Lynn Goings Gianotti
August 14, 1961 - December 17, 1991
lit by Deborah's mom 3/17/02
In loving memory of Daniel
Daniel Christopher Jordan
  Born April 7, 1982 and died October 12, 1998
today is Daniel's birthday, say a prayer for him and his family
Happy Birthday Daniel! 4/07
In loving memory of Josh
Joshua Lewis Darna
9/18/84 - 4/8/00
by Mom
candle linked to a photo
In loving memory of Eric Dodsworth
by Mark Ziewacz   04/13/02

In loving memory of Matt
Matthew Jones
10/05/77 - 22/11/2001
by Mandy 4/16
or email your request
In loving memory of Eric
November 11,1975 - April 22, 2002
by his sister Shelley 4/29
In loving memory of Justin
5/22/88 - 2/7/90
by mom 5/02
candle linked to photo

Happy Birthday Stormie! 5/07
Happy birthday Stormie!
May 7
Happy Birthday Matt! 5/10
Happy Birthday Matt!
May 10
In loving memory of Emma
by Jenny
In loving memory of Dad
by Chris 5/24/02
In loving memory of bro by Jamie
My bro
by Jamie 5/24/02
I Never Had A Chance

I never had a chance, to kiss you one last time
I never had a chance, to help you take that climb.

I never had a chance, to hold you tight
I never had a chance, to help you through the fight.

I never had a chance, to say how I love you
I never had a chance, to hear you say, I Love You Too.

I never had a chance, to show you how I cared
I never had a chance, to tell you I was scared.

I never had a chance, to say Good-bye.
Please forgive me, while I cry.

Author Unknown
In loving memory of Deena
born into heaven June 7, 2002
by Mandi 6/11
In loving memory of Janis Kathleen Thompson
Janis Kathleen Thompson
born into heaven April 2, 2002
by her loving daughter Courtney 6/11
In loving memory of Sara
"Sara's an angel now"
born into heaven 2/14/01
by Michelle 6/13/02
In loving memory of Sgt Ladis Lisy
Sgt. Ladis Lisy
July 19, 196
by Joan 6/14/02
In loving memory of Tommy
Tommy "Danger"
January 20, 1982 - August 4, 2000
by Keri 6/25
In loving memory of Santo Domeinco
Santo Domeinco Amendola
from Mommy & Papa 7/05/02
In loving memory of Charles
Charles Benedict Trizza
born into heaven May 12, 2002
by mom 7/07/02
In loving memory of Michael
Michael Robert Balloqui 
Candles in the Night

Candles flame in darkness,
Flicker, steadily glow,
Bringing light from shadows
And help to soothe us so.
Our loved one, like the candles,
Gave us life true light,
We use the candle's beacon
To connect us in the night.
As we light the candles,
Our wish and our request
Is that they'll see our signal
And know our love's expressed.
As their light joins our lights,
Our worlds touch and flame.
As we snuff out the candles,
We softly say their name.

Author Unknown
changed from single to plural for us all

In loving memory of Mrs. Hattie P. McCormick
Mrs. Hattie P. McCormick
by Janice 7/21/02
In loving memory of Patti
born into heaven August 1, 2001
by Angela Hammond 7/28/02
No man, when he hath lighted a candle, covereth it with a vessel, or putteth under a bed; but setteth it on a candlestick, that they shich enter in may see the light. 

Luke 8:16
In loving memory of Douglas Karl Aman
Douglas Karl Aman
a loving brother
by Jayne Badeaux 8/05/02
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Beside the waters of peace (Psalm 23)

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