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In Memory of Ben

This was in place of the normal remembrance at Ben's funeral.  It's a bookmark so it could be used to remember Ben instead of being put away somewhere.  This was my son-in-law, Doug's idea.  His brother's was similar.

Ben is buried at Burwood Cemetary in Escalon, the area he was raised.  I'm considering moving him to St. John's Cemetary, also the Escalon area, which is where I wanted him in the beginning.  The caretaker at Burwood is a jerk and St. John's is overseen by the Catholic Church and treated as a sacred place as it should be.

He's buried under a tree that I chose because he loved the outdoors, gardening and nature.  I planted a garden around the tree with a Mary garden at home to match. 

The kids came to visit at Easter and planted a dozen or so flowers too.  Before they arrived Doug and Tiff bought unique rocks, different colors from different angles, blue, rose etc.  Tiff put them out having to carry them all the way across because the caretaker refused to acknowledge her request to drive on the lawn.  Of course he did after she got the very last rock laid.  Doug made a bench, a replica of an old bench he has that I admired, to sit on while visiting.  Tiff put a glass on wrought iron candle holder out too so we can light a candle and insense for Ben.   

The garden at the cemetary is being destroyed.   They pulled up the flowers the kids planted and a few of the others. 

I visit every other day - during bad times, everyday, but no less than every other day. 

to be continued again

This is the memorial that Hulcher Services had at the  service for him there in Ohio after the services here.  No one from his division was able come  to the funeral here but the manager so this was for them. 

My daughter, son-in-law and Ben's dad attended this service while back in Ohio taking care of Ben's business.  I was not able to make the trip due to illness and of course distress over Ben's death.

I didn't like this picture at first because I thought Ben looked a little evil or something but now am able to keep it out.  He was happy, that makes me happy.  It was a very recent photo too.

We were also given framed 8x10 pictures of Ben, I think by Erik, that I couldn't put out for months.  Now they are where I spend the most time and am grateful for them.    .
I still haven't seen an obituary, news article or anything else concerning Ben's death. They are all stacked in the same place since his death.  I have accident reports that I haven't read.  My family has had to do all of that, daughter, nephews, husband, son-in-law and then make suggestions.

My son-in-law handled most everything through the worst and my daughter after.  Papers are put in front of me, I sign them. They just recently gave me some of Ben's paperwork but haven't been able to go through it. 

this was offered by another memorial site, take it with so we're all linked together
My life is spent with sorrow