My New Normal

I hate this new normal, I want the old one back.
When the four of us were together and
there was nothing that I lacked.

All your birth dates were imprinted,
on my memory when you were born
Now, with this new normal,
I have a death date, too, that I mourn.

Our family, once of four,
Is what I thought we'd always be.
Never, never ever thinking,
that one day we'd only be three.

Yes, I hate this new normal,
we didn't plan for this at all.
Your future is now just past memories
and sometimes too painful to recall.

I used to feel one hundred percent,
but now the most is seventy-five.
The joys and hopes that I now have
are minus one quarter, my child died.

There are no more celebrations,
only 'occasions' that we share,
We adjust to our new normal,
because you're no longer here.

You don't walk through the door any more,
your laughter we do not hear.
The only thing I can hope for now,
are my dreams to bring you near.

Oh yes, I hate this new normal that
just came and settled in.
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you...
I want the 'old normal' back again.

Author unknown
8/17/02 the author is now known:
Debbie Landsman

offered by Theresa through the
Still Grieving
email support group

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