Precious Stones

Written by Ruby Cruse
(for TGP in memory of LH, shared with many)

Often when I wake
'Tis a beauty of a day.
Sometimes there are clouds
Storms of life all around.

Days of beauty, I marvel
Days of anger, I suffer
Days of joy, I proclaim
Days of Life, I live.

Many times it is with thanks,
Life to live, Things to see.
Sometimes tho, tis questions
I ask and wait to hear.

Today, I wake - ah, 'tis real
This body, it seems
So strange,  'tis a mystery
What is this I find?

This question I ponder
For a time  Such time
With friends and family
I bind with prayer and love.

As the man ' the knife that cuts,
'Tis a cure' that I search.
What is taken away?  A second chance given,
I now wake with the marvel of life.

'Tis a short time, this peace I found
While the pain seeks to seize the stillness -
My body does betray once again.
It is not a search anew, still asking why?

The face of loved ones I see
Pleading for me, praying
I give them a smile, holding tight
While we all still ask -- Why?

Today, my bed is my haven--
This pain I know, waxes great
Many loved ones I hug, So wet the tears I feel
To God, I need to know why?

A peaceful sleep, rest I seek
Relief from the aches, pain I bear
Smiles on your face I need -- It is this I am
When He answers -- 'Tis precious stones.

Now this I ponder while here I lay
A walk on the shore seems so real
Strolling -- His hand in mine
Seeing loving faces all around.

Ouch,  Um, what was that, It hurt
These feet -- feet that cannot walk --
To feel the stones as we stroll
Sharp, smooth, ragged - so diverse.

Stones - Washed, polished
Ah -- What beauty, so smooth.
Ragged -- Not a fine sight
Such color, yet so rough.

Piercing, puncturing -- ooh so sharp
Among these stones I feel, walking
Pondering, strolling hand in hand
Hearing the water as it reaches the shore.

It is a whisper -- It is a roar
Washing these stones slow
Faster and slow again
This water - This water - It is the tool.

From such sharpness comes the ragged
Smooth stones the water doth work,
Ah -- so precious t gaze upon
But the walk -- that pain I feel.

These words I hear as the water flows
Many days, many waves it takes
The precious stones to make
With many, many changes along the way.

Today, I see the faces of those I love
Upon stones I have walked -- smooth, sharp, ragged
Smooth, sharp, ragged -- These are the faces I see.
The loved ones all around.

Just a few more steps, He leads
Watch these stones, I hear him say
While the water works -- In and out
In and out the flow that takes the smooth stone

A precious stone into the water
Leaving many, multitudes achanging
Never to return with the next wave
Water so clear, so peaceful, so powerful a tool.

Upon this bed of mine I wake, I find
That peace for which I did cry
My pain so intense -- no relief is mine
Tears flow, tears I cannot stop.

Peace is mine.

Now I have gone, as a precious stone
Leaving behind stones - some so sharp
Still more so ragged -- many smooth
Waiting for the water to come.

Behind I leave loved ones,
Many still unknown -- not grown
But with the peace I found
Within you will find.

Memories -- Oh, the pain.
Loved ones, Children, sisters, brothers
Friends, many will feel such loss
Pain so deep, hearts so fragile.

Take this precious stone
As you walk -- not asking why
But, Loving as I have loved --
Living as I have lived

Let me go as I have lived --
In your heart make room
Each new day to begin
With this precious stone.

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