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quilt of angels
The last 16 squares of this quilt were moved to start a new one.  With so many requests, it was getting too large.  To add a square in memory of your angel, submit a 130x130 square with link to your website.  

Most of the squares are linked to a memorial for that loved one, please visit.  You can see another, Quilt of Memories and one made for Brice Thomas Conrad by Quilting Angels at Children's Memorials

Ben's quilt and another....
Once again, Lori put her heart into a very special gift.  Please see the quilt she put together in Ben's memory and visit her son's memorial quilt

In loving memory of Michael
visit my Ben
In loving memory of Dad
In loving memory of Marv
In loving memory of Ben
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Love and memories we impart to quilt the fabric of the heart
Most squares are linked to sites, please visit these special angels
I submitted a quilt square at Quilt For The Cause
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