L.M. & S. high pressure locomotive of the Royal Scott class & 2 3/4 tons heavier.  It's designed for it's non-stop runs between London & Glasgow.  It was built by the North British Locomotive Co. at Glasgow adn fitted with a double pressure boiler by Superheater Co.
Virginian R.R. Mallet Locomotive is steam driven with twenty driving wheels in two groups of ten, each group being a complete compound engine in itself.  It's used for hauling coal and is capable of pulling a mile-long train of 100 cars & containing 10,000 tons of coal.
Electric Locomotive Pennsylvania Railroad, a streamlined 20-wheel GGI first built in 1934 & was the most modern form of electric type on Pennsylvania RR at the time;  It's suitable for both passengers and freight.  The electric current is picked up from an overhead wire by way of a pantograph..
Steam Loco New Zealand Government Railways, a steamlined passenger locomotive known as a Class JA.  Although it resembles those of the US, it was built by North British Locomotive Co., weighing 243,990 lb & tractive effort 26,520 lb
The Royal Highlander L.M.R. headed by the Princess Victoria, one of the Princess class Pacific locomotives designed by Sir William Stanier.  A famous train, belonging to the London Midland Region of British Railways, was named in 1927 & runs from London to Inverness.  The weight of the engine & tender 159 tons 3 cwt.
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